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With Grace

1 Feb 2018

Grace came in contact with Vinnies Ability Links after a recommendation from her husband’s doctors.

Grace’s husband has had a stroke and is now unable to work or drive. He does not speak much English and relies on Grace for all of his communications with doctors, physios and so on. 

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Taking the Anime Lead

18 Dec 2017

When Will first met his Ability Links Linker, he had been going through a tough time with severe anxiety and depression. Will was struggling to build friendships and wanted to be linked to a group where he could share his passion for anime and video games.

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A Turning Point for Linda

17 Dec 2017

Linda is a 61 year old woman with disability, and a carer for her daughter. Linda identifies as a proud Koori woman, and before she rang Ability Links, had never used a service for help.

Linda stated that, ‘I felt that my life was overwhelming and that I was drowning with no lifeline.’

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The joy of learning new things

17 Dec 2017

Julie originally wished to be linked with a variety of activities so that she would have more opportunities to be active in the community.  Julie’s physical disability posed a challenge to being able to have regular involvement in anything other than medical appointments.

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Maitland Park Bowling Club

12 Dec 2017

Living in the communities they serve often means that Linkers are ideally-placed to help those communities identify barriers to access and inclusion, and facilitate capacity building in those areas.

In Maitland, for instance, a Linker who was on maternity leave had trouble accessing the local bowling club with a pram. That is how a conversation started between the Maitland Ability Links team and the Maitland Park Bowling Club and Sporting Complex.

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Overcoming Setbacks

30 Nov 2017

Overcoming Setbacks - Another great story about how our Linkers can help people to overcome challenges.

Natasha is a 35-year-old woman who has long struggled with her mental health. Due to her anxiety and depression, she found herself becoming increasingly socially isolated over time.

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Mary meets the NSW Premier!

30 Nov 2017

Griffith poet Mary Catanzariti has been able to achieve one of her lifelong goals with the assistance of Intereach Ability Links.

Mary Catanzariti, who launched her first book ‘Mary’s Voice in Poetry’ in September, met with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Thursday 30 November and presented her with a copy of her work.

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Filter coffee, not people

21 Nov 2017

To mark Social Inclusion Week, Ability Links has designed coffee cups featuring quotes from people with disability which will be seen at cafes across NSW during the week. The quotes highlight how people would like to be included.

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Getting my confidence back - Jacinta's Story

9 Nov 2017

Jacinta smiling at the cameraWhen Jacinta came to Ability Links she had lost her confidence. She was being bullied at work because of her disability.

Jacinta and her Linker discussed options for looking for a new job and a workplace that better appreciated her skills. While Jacinta was still very reluctant at first, her Linker reassured her that not all workplaces are the same.

Jacinta and her Linker first set about updating her resume and talked to Sureway, a local employment and training agency, about funding a traineeship. Surway spoke with Jacinta and told her she was eligible for both and that there was a job at a local caravan park for a trainee cleaner.

Jacinta was worried about applying as she had never had cleaning experience, however, her Linker reassured her that it was a traineeship and they expected they would have to train someone.

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Alexander the Advocate

18 Oct 2017

Alexander’s long term goal is to help others; however, first, as he says, he needs to help himself. One of Alexander’s primary motivations is telling stories; and he does so with aplomb.

When St Vincent de Paul Society NSW’s Ability Links City team made a callout for participants for an RU OK Day Event, Alexander was asked if he’d like to be interviewed on stage about his life experiences with mental illness. He jumped at the chance. 

Alexander was nervous the entire day before the event, but he described the nervous energy as electric rather than terrifying. After, Alexander gushed about how it made him feel like he was truly contributing to helping others in some small capacity, and he found the experience therapeutic for himself as well. 

 Since working with Ability Links, Alexander has started sharing his beach photography, and, through his new love of baking, has revitalized his friendship with his neighbour by sharing his freshly baked cupcakes.

These changes may seem incremental on the surface; however, coupled with his newfound desire to be a mental health advocate and share his story far and wide they’ve had a profound impact on Alexander’s sense of community, and his sense of self. 

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