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Embarking On A New Business Adventure

10 Mar 2016

For Lara, having Bonnie, her service dog, by her side means everything and it’s something she now wants to give others the opportunity to enjoy.

When Lara was 17, she and her family made a fateful trip to go shopping at their local shopping centre.

“We walked past a man in the car park who was carrying a tiny, scrawny, wormy pup who had fleas literally jumping off her,” Lara explains.

“We stopped and gave the pup a pat and the guy said "Do you want her?" so we brought Bonnie for $30 in the car park.” Read more.

The best day ever – Julia’s Story

9 Mar 2016

When Birgit heard about an International Day of People with Disability event happening in her area, she wasn’t sure about taking her daughter Julia…but she’s over the moon that she did.

“Prior to the day I wasn't sure if I should take her out of school for a few hours so that she could attend,” Birgit recalls.

 “But then I thought, often enough in life she has it difficult or challenging with her disability (albinism) but this is the chance for her to have something positive out of having a disability.” Read more.