What is Ability Links NSW?

Ability Links NSW is a way of connecting people with disability, their families and carers in the community.

Linkers work closely with people with disability, their families and carers to support them to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams. Providers are the organisations that offer services to people with disability and the community. Linkers work for these Providers.

There are a range of Providers around the state, you can use this website to help you find a Provider or Linker in your area.

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Who can use Ability Links?

Ability Links NSW is for:

  • people with disability aged 0 to 64 years
  • carers and families of people with disability.

Individual, clubs, groups and businesses can also access Ability Links NSW for information and support on inclusion of people with disability. There is no formal assessment process or referral that you need to meet in order to use Ability Links NSW.

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A successful approach to building inclusive communities revealed

According to Urbis Director of Economic and Social Advisory Alison Wallace, who was responsible for the three-year evaluation of Ability Links, “The program model is a winner... In 25 years of evaluating government initiatives, I have rarely come across a program that has achieved so much in such a short space of time."‚Äč

The program has been particularly successful in Aboriginal communities – more than a quarter of the people accessing Ability Links are Indigenous – a major achievement.

According to Urbis Chief Economist Nicki Hutley, the findings of the cost-benefit analysis and social return of investment is ground-breaking work.

Click here to learn more about the Urbis reports. Or click on the report images to download them each.


Ability Links NSW – This is what Linkers do

Ability Links NSW now has a video showcasing what Linkers do, and just a few of the awesome outcomes they achieve for people they support in local communities!

Watch the Auslan version of the video >>

Our stories

Meet Up

22 Feb 2017

When Brian first made contact with Ability Links NSW via their Central Coast office in Gosford, he talked about his desire to build and deepen his social connections in the community.

Brian was feeling isolated and disconnected from his community, with no family nearby and no social connections to friends or neighbours, when he was introduced to Ability Links by a support coordinator at the Central Coast Disability Network.

He felt that his situation was heavily influenced by his impaired hearing, and he was becoming increasingly frustrated and depressed.

Click here to read the whole story.

Creating Inclusive Spaces

20 Feb 2017

Maitland Park Bowling and Sporting Complex club secretary Philip Penfold has come to know Ability Links NSW through the valuable work the Maitland team has done in the community.

Armed with that knowledge, he came to Ability Links looking for support to create a more user-friendly, accessible and inclusive club.

Maitland Park Bowling and Sporting Complex is a not-for-profit club which has operated in the local community for 115 years. Approximately 17 different user groups make use of the facility on a weekly basis. Click here to read the full story.